Daily Inspirations

I’ve been juggling a lot lately. I recently received a wedding invitation order and now, I have to produce a few more invitations for an order I wrapped up last year. I’ve also been having a ton of ideas run through my brain. It’s crazy. All of a sudden out of no where, BAM! Ideas! I am by no means complaining, but wow, things come at once it seems.

Two nights ago, I found the time to finally put together a sample pack for a woman I’ve communicated with via etsy. I placed an order through her shop for Christmas and loved communicating with her. I also really appreciated the service she provided. As a thank you, I decided to send her some specific to her shop samples. I also found a wonderful ribbon to tie around the package. I can’t wait for her to get them (you can see photos in my flickr stream)!

I suppose the point here is that I finally took some ideas that were in my head and made them a reality. Which is HUGE. So many times, I get these ideas, but I’m working on a custom design that I don’t take the time (I know, I know, poor time management) to get all the other projects/ideas out on paper. This is something I’m working on in the new year.   I’m not doing too shabby of a job at it either.  At least I don’t think so.

But on the the real point of this posting…I bought a camera just before the end of last year. It was for a multitude of reasons, but the most important being that I haven’t been able to take really good shots of my work. I love my old camera, but it was time to upgrade and I’ve noticed that my eye for artistic photography has increased. So this gal did the only thing she could think of–she bought a Nikon D3100 just after Christmas. And she’s enjoyed snapping shots every chance she can get.

A prime example is this morning upon walking out to the subway, I glanced up and noticed that all the street lights going down Avenue A were red. They were a sight to behold! I immediately reached for my camera to realize that I wasn’t carrying it and that the moment would just be a moment. As I thought this, the lights all turned green and they were even more beautiful to behold! In those two moments, I noticed not only something that I’ve countless times overlooked as ordinary, but I had an idea cross my brain for a card. A card that I can visualize so clearly it will be made.  I will also find myself outside looking down Avenue A waiting for all the lights to change and while it won’t be quite the same moment as this morning, it will be a moment that I capture and complete.

It was also in this moment this morning that I realized my brain had changed completely into the mind of an artist.  Artists rarely ever stay in one field. I do think artists should learn about other mediums, but I think they should also strive to learn one and have a main area of expertise. I for example, love paper and love learning about it and exploring options with it. I don’t think I’ll ever fully be a photographer, but the ability to take photos not just representative of my work, but for inspiration amongst other things, is a medium worth knowing and developing.   It’s even better if I can actually incorporate the art of photography into my work with paper. We’ll see.

As for now, I will take my daily inspirations and see where they lead and hopefully be lucky enough to capture the really good ones.


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