So Much To Say…

It’s a new year! And I have three drafted blog postings to finish up. I’ve had so much to say/share these past few days that I’ve started a post and each time I’ve gotten distracted with all the other things I should be doing. I am also currently under the weather which is why I can write today’s posting. I’m sitting at home, after getting almost 15 hours of sleep, feeling a bit tired, but full of excitement at what can happen in a full day of resting.

Before I head back to the wonderful postings that I want to get finished, I wanted to wish every one a happy six days into the new year as well as updated photos of my vision board/wall.

I have to admit that in order to do the vision wall, I had to also do the desk cleaning. It’s not 100% complete, but as I started tackling the desk, the vision board/wall area started to seem easier to do as well. As I mentioned in my last posting about the vision board/wall, I did leave the pictures up, I even gained two thanks to a good friend, but they’re a bit more organized. The photos are to the right of the vision board/wall.

The hardest part is that I am trying to limit myself to this one sheet of paper and I’m already having a hard time sticking to this. As you’ll see from photos I’ve included, I’ve got just a little bit of space left.

In the past, my vision board/wall, was in fact a limitless wall. I never censored what I put up on it, nor paid attention to how much space it took up. It always just seemed perfect. If you can’t guess, I’m a big picture kind of person. Keeping things contained has NEVER been something I’m good at, but it is definitely worth giving a try in the new year and on my quest to find balance (a posting to come soon).

The other thing I’ve noticed about my new vision board/wall is that it has so much to say! Literally.

Paying special attention to the advice and words of Martha Beck, I am ripping out images from magazines that strike me particularly happy.  Or have words that really resonate with me. One of them in particular is a poster, known as their MANIFESTO,  that I got through Women in Business. As a matter of fact, I’ve subscribed to their blog because I love the manifesto so much. I hope you find it as inspiring as I do, if you click on the link above. I remember reading it and loving that they offered the manifesto for printing and downloading purposes. Anytime someone gives you something inspirational, you have to love them. It takes a lot to be bold enough to say, these are my words, these are my thoughts that inspire me and I hope they inspire you, so I’m going to share.

Back to the point, I knew that poster had to be on my board/wall, mostly because it speaks to who I am and what I want. And no matter how many times I look at it, I never stop being inspired.

However, then I noticed something odd about my board/wall, there’s lots of color – lots of reds and pinks, there’s lots of home photos and quite a lot of references to food and kitchens. One of them is a picture taken from a Pottery Barn catalogue with photos of tomato soup and croutons in bowls that say “comfort food” and beer. YUMMY! There are also a few references to love and NY.

I’m just taking photos that I immediately like, but I’m beginning to think that this year may be about food, love, home and color. Even more importantly they may be part of my design work, who knows?! I guess I just have to wait and see what my subconscious is telling me for the future. I have a feeling though, that they’re all battling each other because their simply is so much to say.

If anyone created a vision board/wall and wants to talk about it, please do. I’m always intrigued by what other’s visions entail.


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