A New Year

It seems as though everyone is trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t work in 2010. Almost every blog that I follow has had some sort of talk about reflection. My two favorites (meaning they really deeply resonated with me) are from Chris Guillebeau and Sherry Ott. Chris writes the blog, “The Art of Non-Conformity” and Sherry writes at, “Ottsworld.” Check out their blogs!

I totally agree that reflection is important. If we don’t reflect, or even take the time to admit that not everything was good, or think about what was good and why was it good, we’d all be selfish humans. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing to be selfish, but if we never looked back at our actions, or skills, our talents, we’d never be true to ourselves. We’d wander through life, hurting other people, taking things for granted and stunting ourselves. As you can guess, I highly recommend reflection, but I’ve decided that in 2011 rather than worry about what didn’t work-how I didn’t lose those 30lbs, I’ve been saying I wanted to lose, or how I didn’t do nearly as many orders as I wanted to – accept that I LEARNED so much in the year that has passed. So much. Not just about myself, but about being in an emotional funk, needing to not be a robot for the corporate world, loving that each order that I do takes a lot of time, accepting that I’ve got some kind of talent, what I want in regards to relationships, etc. You get the idea. So with that said, I want to share with you my “goals” for 2011.

-I will focus more on the business. I will design and throw myself into what I know IS my destiny.

-I will LEARN, LEARN and learn some more.

-I will understand that not everything happens at rocket speed and that I need the time, not just for me, but for myself.

-I will explore design in every way shape possible.

-I will accept that my talents and skills are different from others.

-I will always strive to educate before making money, but I will make some money

-I will find a balance–not just in the sense of balance, but I will stop carrying everything around with me as if things can’t wait. They can, if you’re balanced.

Everything else will fall into place. I have some HUGE changes set in place. I’ve already begun planning and developing my path, and some of the steps to the biggest act begin in January, but they don’t officially roll out until July. (I’ll return to this posting six months from now to see where I am, if I’m feeling any more relaxed, excited, or just worn down.) One of the biggest things I learned this year is finding a balance. Anyone can be an entrepreneur with the right spirit, but you can’t be an amazing entrepreneur with a sustainable business if you don’t have balance (see the last goal).

That’s it folks. There not so much resolutions as real attainable goals. I’m not saying that anyone can’t lose 50lbs in a year, but as we all know (from experience) that my weight loss goal has never been achieved because I’ve never had the real heart behind it. I’ve signed up for expensive gym memberships to end up not going after two or three months. Which means that any personal or professional goal or resolution can be achieved with a bit of faith and heart.  My next year is full of both of those.  If you can’t find a resolution or goal with heart, then just go with the flow of enjoying every moment that comes your way. Even the ones that aren’t fun and suck are for something.

Good luck with yours! Happy New Year!


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