The Holidays

The Holidays are here!

And I made a sale. One sale. And I’m stoked! The sale is a personalized order based on one of my designs on Etsy. I’m working with the client to replicate the look of her wedding invitation (color, pattern (if possible) yet working with my original design. She seemed pretty pleased when I sent her a response and so that makes a total of seven orders this holiday season. High-five ME!

See, I don’t feel prepared this holiday season. I have barely any inventory since most of my work consists of me designing something for someone. Which I suppose makes me a custom designer. I don’t mind this. Please, do not think that I’m complaining one bit about the custom design aspect because I’m not. See, I enjoy greatly when my customer is happy with a design I created just for them. What I am saying is that I’m itchy to have pieces that I have ready. That I can send samples of to people and say, “TADA! I’m here! I’ve got product! Don’t you want to help me sell it?”

So that’s where I am. I’ve got sales, quite a few; I’m busy and I firmly believe now, today, more than ever that I can and will make this stationery business take off. I think it’s mostly that I’m optimistic with my new age. I turned 30 just this past Wednesday and I feel so alive. I’ve been told by many that 30 is where it is AT and I definitely believe them. But I’ve got this energy (minus the sore back), that just won’t let me stop. It’s pushing me to keep pushing myself. I have to admit that I like it. A lot.

As luck would have it, on my actual birthday, I took a journey to Frederick, MD to visit a stationery shop, Ink This, owned by a woman I met over the Halloween weekend. She is great! Eccentric and quite a hoot. So we talked and she invited me to the store. I walked in and loved it immediately! Every thing was pink and fabulous. She talked to me a lot about custom invitations–we swapped stories as we poured over invitation books. There are some GREAT and creative designers out there working for the big companies–Checkerboard, Lallie, Crane, William Arthur, etc. She showed me some companies I hadn’t even heard of. And she told me to send her samples. She’d be willing to look at my stuff because she already loves my designs and how I’m willing to play with texture. I left her shop full of excitement and inspiration.

I then stumbled along to this amazing shop called The Muse across the street and up a block. I walked in and was struck with awe. I’m not kidding! This woman’s shop is a gold mine of different and truly unique items. Things that I not only wanted to gift up, but buy for myself.  As a matter of fact, I bought some stuff for myself!

What was great about The Muse, was that the owner was very approachable. She over heard me on the phone with a friend talking about my birthday (which was that day and the reason why this post is extremely tardy-I initially drafted it the day after Black Friday) and she wished me a happy birthday. After I got off the phone, we started chatting and I mentioned how I love her store. She told me, “well you’ll be in another time.” I quickly told her that I was visiting from NY, that I started a stationery company and that I was in town visiting Ink This because Debbie may carry my products. As we kept talking, I learned more about her and then she said some magical words…”If she carries your customized pieces, I would be interested in selling your non-customized cards.”

I don’t have to share with you just how excited I was by that statement, do I? I don’t think so. The reality is that there I was, just a shopper, talking about my passion and an opportunity presented itself. I know this doesn’t really tie into the whole Holiday theme, but my point here is that the holidays often times bring generosity, happiness, kindness and miracles–moments of awe. This was a moment of awe for me. A moment where I knew that things are going to move and not just in an upward direction, but in a positive one as well.  This added to the one Etsy sale and the rest of the design projects I’m working on, made my holiday season very bright.

Three cheers for the Holidays! I hope your season is going well. If it isn’t, then drop me a note and maybe we can work on brightening it up a bit.


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