Holiday Card Exchange

Remember how I wrote about joining a club a few weeks ago? Well, my club is great! The {NewNew} is really just an amazing group of artists committed to pursuing their dreams and helping their fellow artists out not just with sales, but with encouragement and support.

As a member, I’ve got access to our gmail group account and I get updates from postings made by other members at least twice a day. I try to scan them quickly, really digging into the ones that seem relevant to me or spark my interest. Sometimes, if a title or comments underneath catch my attention, I will open the group and read in more detail.  Last week, a posting about a Holiday Card Swap caught my attention and so I started exploring; this is what I found…

“Hi all!! Wanted to pass this to the group! Brooklyn Bride is doing her

4th annual holiday card swap – recipes in the swap are a bonus, but
not required.

Info here:…

Hope everyone is ramping up for big holiday sales!!!”

I immediately went to the link for Brooklyn Bride, as you should and found instant inspiration. I’ve been trying to do holiday cards for a while now, I just haven’t. Heck, I started last year, but before I knew it, the holidays had passed. I should also mention that while I say holiday cards, I really mean Christmas cards. I’m not purposely trying to exclude other holidays. In fact, I hope to create cards for those holidays, too, but for now, I need to not branch out and overextend myself. Instead, I need to focus on one set at a time.  And so, I’ve gotten no where with holiday cards because I haven’t been able to focus. Sigh. Hopefully next year (don’t worry, when I do my business planning next week, it will include a detailed schedule based on holidays and years) holiday cards will be for sale.  However, this holiday card swap got me excited and thinking about creating a set of five cards to send to the five people on the list. I’m so very excited for this! I’m even more excited that my work will get out there to other artists and who knows where that might lead?!

I’m not sure if any of my readers will be interested in this, but at the very least, maybe you, the person reading this posting, will be a bride looking for some ideas and you’ll at the very least check out Brooklyn Bride’s wonderful site.

In the mean time, stay tuned for photos of the five limited edition 2010 holiday card swap cards I design. I’ll post them sometime between December 1st (my birthday!) and December 15th (when they are supposed to go out).



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