An Ode

Last weekend while checking out at Whole Foods, I came across the publication, “Ode.”  I had never heard of this magazine before. Naturally, I picked it up and bought it without any further thought. The $5.95 charge was not a problem, although it should be considering that I’m trying to save money and work to having my own stationery business one day.

You may be wondering why I bought the magazine? Or better yet, what made me pick it up in the first place? The answer is simple. The cover of the magazine is very simply designed and in bold letters has the following article title: “READ ALL ABOUT IT: Why the written word is good for body, mind and soul.”  Furthermore underneath the Magazine title reads their slogan, “For Intelligent Optimists.”

Perfect, really! I’m first and foremost an optimist and I love to read. It was an easy reeling in of this fish. I’ve enjoyed the publication so much that I’m considering getting a subscription. I should add that I’m not always the most loyal magazine subscriber and my subscriptions range from New York Magazine, to Glamour, to Oprah Magazine.  The important thing is that I take my time reading each magazine to learn about them and as time goes on, I become accustomed to the tone and writing in the publication. It really is an art.  Either way, back to the point, Ode may become my latest subscription, only time will tell, but to continue to the point of this blog, I was curious about this publication because that title alone spoke to me in ways that the current business model has not.

As a book lover, an avid reader, a writer and a stationery designer, I am always curious to know how the written language will change as we humans change. I’ve become more interested recently, thanks to the development of e-readers, smart phones and other technological advancements.  The part of me that is a gadget lover and enjoying the social media trend is also the part of me that abhors how people don’t really communicate anymore. Sorry, but constant contact via facebook, myspace, twitter, etc don’t count as communication.  It’s part of the reason why I write cards and try to make phone calls regularly. I also write emails, tons of emails, but nothing is the same as actually talking to a friend on the phone or getting a letter in the mail. Nothing.

“It’s not just reading that has salutary effects; putting pen to paper can be good for you, too.” – Ode Magazine

That sentence in the article that compelled me to purchase the magazine made my heart soar. Seriously. I know that personally, I get so happy whenever I sit down to write a note or card. You should see the list of Christmas cards I send out each year–a total somewhere between 95-115 and while my hands start to ache and I feel like I can’t write another card, I still do because I get such a sense of happiness in knowing that my friends that open that card will enjoy reading whatever the note inside says.

Another sentence that got me excited while reading the article is, “‘Writing is a form of therapy,’ English author Graham Green wrote in his autobiography, Ways to Escape. ‘Sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madness, the melancholia, the panic fear that is inherent in the human situation.'” – Ode Magazine

While I know they are specifically talking about novelists, I find that writing in general is an amazing exercise. It forces us to become one with ourselves and our feelings. It also allows us to become comfortable in communicating with people.  There is almost a sense of sharing a secret with that other person, well if it’s a letter. When one writes even a small note of sentiment, great concentration and thought goes into it, after all it’s permanent.  Not to mention, the person receiving the note, may keep it for years.

What is funny is that as online writers we hope to have the same effect. I’d be lying if I said I don’t care if someone is not moved by this posting.  I want YOU and YOU and YOU to be moved enough to pick up a pen and write, pick up a book (not an ebook) and read or pick up Ode Magazine and read this article at (A word of caution, they haven’t updated the website with the October issue, so be patient.) I think even more importantly, I want people to never lose the one thing that makes us unique, our language and our ability to take our language and express all the variety of emotions that we can through writing.  I think that’s why I started S2 Stationery and Design after all, right? RIGHT!


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