Etsy and The NewNew

I joined a club! Well, this isn’t exactly NEW news because I joined the club back in the summer,  but see, I had been trying to join this club for months.  I read/learned about Etsy Teams through one of their new seller guides and in the countless “Quit Your Day Job” series.  Many interviewed sellers thank their Teams for supporting and motivating their work.  This really made me think, “should I join a club?”  I’ve always been a bit staunch on not joining clubs–I mean sororities are clubs and I have always been anti-sorority since my high school days (yep,  my high school had lame sororities.), but as I’ve learned an Etsy club is a bit different.

Etsy teams are under their community tab. When you enter, it’s a bit overwhelming.  There are teams based on your niche, for those that are eco, for people who knit and for people all over the world.

Rather that find a team that focuses on paper (although that might be a good idea), I decided to go for a team based in NY. For me being an artist is also about learning about other artists – what they do, how they experience being an artist and creating work, and most importantly, how they are all functioning as “artists.”  Remember, I’m a lot of a 9-5 gal trying to be an artist.  Being an artist is an innate part of me, but something that seems foreign considering that I have a 9-5 that has me sitting behind a computer all day long.  As of now, my days are consumed with working my day job and then rushing around doing my errands, designing, being inspired and then feeling exhausted.  The exhaustion that comes with designing something is always sweet though, so while I may be a crap monster for a day, I’m always ecstatic because something of my hands has been born. I should note that I find this more rewarding than my 9-5, but I think that goes with being an artist, eh?

Anyway, my opportunity to join The {NewNew} came in June, after several failed attempts. I am so glad that I joined! We’ve got quite a group–detailed members who are committed and that means so much to a girl like me that went to a meeting, paid her dues and joined the google group.

Last week, I was able to attend my first all member meeting and it was just so much fun! I also agreed to help the Team work on search engine optimization since our group doesn’t come up that often in searches.  A month ago, we were at the Makers Faire and I collected bags to be made into give away bags and donated a coupon for inclusion in the give away bags.  While I haven’t gotten any contact, it was great to get my name out there.  Our team participation got me thinking of new ways to participate and get my name out. Even if I don’t get any business from that card, it took me $.07 cents to make 200 cards and well that makes it worth the total $13.95 I spent on the paper (which was really cool!).

You’ll definitely read more postings about my Etsy team, The {NewNew} as my writing continues. I am really excited to be part of such a fantastic group of artists making a name for themselves and even me, the newest small range member.  In the spirit of helping my fellow artists, I’d like to share a bit about them:

The {NewNew} will be at the Chelsea Craft Fair this October:

This Fall’s Crafts in Chelsea event is ramping up to be the biggest show yet! On October 16th, 130 artists and crafters will offer their unique handmade items to the public on 21st Street between 8th and 9th Avenue.

Some of the lovely artists are participating in a giveawary that you can read about here:

So that’s it. I’ve joined a Team. They’re great. And if you’re reading this and curious, you should check them out. You’ll totally be glad that you did, much like me!

Aside from the link above to the Crafts In Chelsea Giveaway, here are the ways to find The {NewNew}:




Items on Etsy:


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