Creative Genes

My Mother is the best seamstress I know! Without a doubt, actually.  Since I was a small child, she’s sewn my dresses. There was the dark green velvet with lace dress that she made me for Christmas when I was around seven. There was also my First Communion dress that she made as well as the veil. Then there were the countless homecoming dresses and my prom dress in high school. They were all amazing. Nothing was ever too far fetched for her either. I would describe what I wanted, as well as the fabric I wanted and BAM!, I’d have a dress.

Even now, at the age of 29, my mother still makes clothes for me. I send her photos of things I see in catalogues and she makes them happen. And she makes them happen beautifully. I can not stress that enough actually.

See,  my mother has a skill and talent that she got from her mother. There are plenty other talents that they shared like cooking, which is another art in its own right, but the sewing is the skill that has passed on to more than just one daughter.  And now, I know it’s been passed on to me.

I’ve always been crafty–one year I made an Advent Calendar out of felt and cheap wooden toys I had bought at Woolworths (my mom still hangs it up every year–it’s hideous!), I learned to crochet, I took two years of ceramics in high school, and I was always the Christmas gift wrapper.  The latter was of great help when I started working at Papyrus just after graduating high school. Yet, with all of this, I never became a sewer.  Oh, how I wanted to be a sewer! After all, my mother is amazing at sewing and I thought we’d have more time together if I mastered sewing, but I never did.  I got as far as a few cloth bags with my cousins and a lopsided shirt and gave up.  I figured I didn’t have that skill and wasn’t going to have it ever and well forgot about it.

Now, as a woman making her way in the stationery business, I realize that both my mom and abuela’s (and who knows how many other ancestors) creative gene was passed on to me.  I’m sure to some extent my father’s family has a creative gene, but I can directly point to my Mom when I sit with a piece of card stock and a needle and thread attempting to stitch a design on a card. A lot of my card designs involve the use of sewing, the beautiful embellishment that it brings. I have a long way to go to master it and I don’t know that I’ll ever be as talented as my mother, but I must say I’m glad that I’ve got this love, knowledge and ability from her. Thanks Mom!


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